Thinking of our childhood clothes the ones we loved most were the ones that were the most comfortable. Preferably made from soft fabrics such as cotton. Black used to be rather unusual as a childs favorite colour, we mostly used to love bright and friendly colours.
At gwynedds we enjoy a great interest in working on each garment as a unique piece. Our prints and embroideries for example
are all individually handmade. With a specific concept of mixing various printing techniques and embroideries with fabrics and colours that are all exclusively produced for our brand. Finally each garment is being prewas- hed to give it the perfect softness and the unique finish that makes gwynedds so much different from the average rest.
We value these first impressions and are dedicated to combine them with a look, that meets the metamorphosis. Try on any piece of our collection and you will find the perfect combination of cute and sexy at the same time combined with a cozy feeding, that you have been missing for a long time.